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Business Wolf Studios Terms of Service


Name: Raynier Tyrson


By commissioning me, you certify that you have read, understand, and agree to my Terms of Service, and that you are at least 18 years of age. 



  • Inquiries regarding commissions may be sent to

  • Other contact through social media regarding commissions will be redirected to my email

  • Quotes for commissions are valid for 60 days, after a 60 day period the total cost of the commission may require new negotiations


  • All payments will be made via invoice sent through email.

  • I do not accept ANY cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment.

  • Payment plans are available for commissions.

  • Payment is due upon the receipt of the invoice or the agreed upon date of payment. If the invoice is not paid within a week of the send date or date agreed upon for payment, the commission  will be considered terminated and a renegotiation will be required for the work. The commission price may change after this time period.

  • Down payments for commissions are non-refundable. 

  • Tips: Are not required, but are greatly appreciated! There will be an option on most invoices to tip the artist.


  • The artist may charge additional fees at their discretion for complexity, backgrounds, etc (including but not limited to robotics, detailed costumes or backgrounds, multiple limbs (including wings), complex patterns or markings)

  • The artist reserves the right to charge a rush fee for artwork to be completed by a specific date. Rush work is decided to be work needed to be completed in two weeks (14 days) time, and no work will be accepted for commissions with deadlines shorter than two weeks.

  • The artist reserves the right to charge a revision fee for customer changes for previously approved work at their discretion. 


Work In Progress:

  • Progress made on commissions will be sent in this order (which may vary depending on commission type): Sketch/Line Art/Flat Colors/Shading and Highlights/Final Work

  • All files will be sent via email

  • In the case of a payment plan, work will be completed up to the value that has been paid. For example: if the client has paid an amount that covers the cost of the sketch and lineart, the artist may complete the sketch and lineart. Work will continue in stages as payments are made.



  • Revisions requested due to a mistake on the artist’s part will be completed with no additional charge.

  • Revisions requested due to a commissioner’s error or change of mind are subject to a fee per the artist’s discretion.

  • Revisions are expected to be condensed into as few emails and instances as possible. Revisions that require the artist to undo revised work are subject to a fee.

  • The artist will entirely re-sketch a pose (a base pose for the commission, entirely) once for free, beyond that a fee will be implemented.

  • Once the sketch has been approved, any significant changes to pose, clothing, etc will be subject to a fee.

  • Changes to markings and colors will be made with no charge, provided that the artist did not add them from a reference, or is making a reference for a character with no color pallet provided. 

  • Adjustments to body size/mass cannot be made past the sketch stage.



  • Commissions will be completed on the artist's normal schedule, unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Rush commissions are subject to the fees aforementioned in the fee section, and will be moved to priority to be completed


  • A refund may be issued by the artist in the event of an unforeseen inability to complete the commission.

  • A full refund will not be given once work has begun on the project. If the completed work is dissatisfying or ideas prove difficult to communicate, a refund may be issued up to the level of completion the commission is at that present time, excluding a 20% convenience fee. A refund will not be issued at all once the work has been completed. Refund requests in the commission slot reservation phase will not be issued. Chargebacks will result in a total commission ban. 

  • The artist reserves the right to modify, rework, and reuse cancelled commissions for any purpose. The commissioner’s subject will not appear in the modified version.

  • The artist reserves the right to cancel at any time, for reasons including but not limited to:
    -Rude or inappropriate behavior.
    -Poor communication or failure to communicate in effective English.
    -Harassment toward the artist or artist’s associates

  • The artist reserves the right to reuse any base sketches from cancelled work, or in the event of a provided sketch not being used for the commission in question. 

  • The client loses all rights to the art as is once the refund has been issued or the commission cancelled.


Acceptable References:

  • References may be SFW or NSFW.

  • Pictures of clothing, people for poses, face claims, and other objects of quality to obtain detail from are also acceptable.

  • DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE provide a reference of the commissioner’s own genitalia for a NSFW reference/piece.

  • It is helpful to provide a color pallet to insure color accuracy, but not required.

  • 3D character models, such as in game costumes, that the commissioner wishes to have drawn are acceptable, provided the quality of the images is enough to obtain the important details of.

  • A text description for making references or simple commissions is acceptable, so long as the details are kept to the most important and are based on physical description, the scene’s situation, and possible character hobbies/interests.


Commission Specific Notations:

  • All digital commissions, including badges, will not be printed unless requested, and the fee for printing, lamination, etc. is paid. 

  • Digital commissions are provided in a two file format, meaning the commissioner receives two files, a watermarked copy for online posting, and an unwatermarked copy for personal/private use.

  • The commissioner may print and/or laminate the work themselves, for personal use only.

  • Traditional art will require a postage fee to be shipped to the commissioner.

  • Adoptables may be reposted with credit given and watermark visible. However, the client may not edit the original artwork in any way. If the client would like to make changes, they may ask the artist to complete them for a fee, commission a new reference (from the original artist or otherwise), or draw a new reference themselves.

  • Adoptables may not be resold for more than the original selling price, unless the design/character in question is included as a bundle with artwork or items associated with the character to be sold alongside the design.


Printing/Publication Rights:

  • The artist reserves the right to use commissions as prints/merchandise to be sold, to edit commissions to use as prints/merchandise, and to publish or print commissions at their discretion.

  • Clients retain all rights to their own characters. This does not mean the client owns the copyright to the image. Copyright permissions must be negotiated separately to the commission and are available if paid for. 

  • Clients may not profit from commissioned artwork under any circumstances. This includes the sale of the digital file in image packs, as prints, merchandise,  etc. unless otherwise negotiated.

  • Clients are prohibited from selling the artwork or designs, or anything implied as representing the work in any way, such as by a non-fungible token (NFT). it may not be referenced by new contracts, including on distributed applications, without approval of the creator.

  • Clients may create prints for personal use (for example, to display in their home). Clients may also crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used non-commercially, but may not alter the artwork itself. 

  • Clients are allowed to post the watermarked version of the image on personal websites or galleries provided the artist is credited. Posting the un-watermarked version is not allowed and will be requested to be taken down and replaced with the watermarked file. If this request is not met, the artist reserves the right to deny future commissions to the client.

  • The artist grants clients rights to issue takedown requests against third parties, whose characters are not depicted in the image.

  • The artist reserves the right to showcase all commissioned work on any of their personal websites and galleries. For time-sensitive work (birthday gifts, anniversaries, etc.), the artist may delay public showcases at the client’s request.



  • The commissioner is not allowed to edit the artist’s work in any way, for published or private use.

  • Clients may not pay, trade services, barter or consult with another artist to edit the piece in any manner. Exceptions to this are icons and banners for use on websites, due credit is still required.

  • Clients needing edits due to character changes/redesign are more than welcome to contact the artist. A revision fee at the artist’s discretion applies to update the character depicted.

  • The commissioner is not allowed to “complete” any of the artist’s work on their own, unless they request specifically beforehand. For example: inking the artist’s sketch, coloring the artist’s lineart.

  • Any video material the artist produces is not permitted to be downloaded or edited by anyone for any reason, including but not limited to speed drawings.

  • The client may not, under any circumstances, crop out, paint over, or otherwise hide or obscure the artist’s watermark or signature.


Services Provided:

The artist is able to provide the following when requested and paid for (when applicable):

  • Printing

  • Lamination

  • Recording of drawing



  • Price and terms of service changes made after a commission has been paid for are not subject to an additional charge.

  • The artist reserves the right to refuse service to individuals who have been proven to break terms of service.

  • Clients who fail to communicate for commissions will have their commission put on hold, even if a deadline is negotiated. Clients are given a week (7 days)  to respond to progress before the commission is put on hold. This applies to commissions with invoices that have been paid for. Quotes for commissions are only valid for 90 days. 

  • A commission will only remain on hold for 90 days before a partial refund will be issued and the commission canceled. The client will receive compensation for the work not completed, minus 10% of the remaining cost for a convenience fee. 

  • If the absence was due to uncontrollable circumstances (e.g., natural disasters or severe weather), and/or both parties are happy to continue working together, there will be no penalty. Please notify the artist if you will be out of touch for personal or other reasons.

  • Changes do not apply retroactively.


The client is only held to prices and terms agreed to upon payment. Any subsequent changes will be enforced in subsequent commissions.


These Terms and Conditions were updated on 2/22/2024

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